Rates & Requirements


Rates are based on a few simple factors:

Inside or outside.

Size of venue.

Number of hours.

No extra charge for distance or special announcements.
(Distance is our choice and you shouldn't have to pay for that, except for special circumstances)

Ask yourself these two simple questions:
Do we really need a big production with extra special requirements???
Why should we have to pay for equipment & requirements we don't really need???

<>No agents involved, we do our own bookings.
Please call Ed @ 610-395-7088 for this information.
Or  E-mail  rhythm10@verizon.net


Nothing out of the ordinary, just these basics:

Protection from inclement weather.
(Band members and equipment)

Non-grounding platform, stage or hard surface.
(Mainly for outside jobs)

The ability to keep our trailer as close as possible.
(For quick access to equipment, security & weather conditions)

Reasonable cancellation time in case of inclement weather.
(Usually about 4 hours)

Adequate electrical circuits. (Two 20 Amp circuits will do.)
(Circuits must have proper voltage. Low voltage can damage equipment.)
We are there to give you a quality show, not to tax your electric meter.

Approximately 2 hour setup time, 1 hour breakdown time.